• Sheffield United Press Conference

    Interviewer: Disappointed?
    Uwe Rosler: Not as much as I normally am when we lose.

    Interviewer: Why?
    UR: Because for long periods in the game we played very well. We controlled the game at the start of the second half. But what happened last week obviously influenced us.

    Sheffield United were sitting back and didnít give much room in behind and were afraid of the speed of Clayton. It was very compact and while we had the ball we controlled the ball and made them look ordinary. But when you put the ball in the box you need some physicality and after what happened last week we didnít have that today. I canít blame my players. I can only use what I have at my disposal.

    Interviewer: Jonathan Douglas was outstanding.
    UR: Outstanding, yes. I said in the dressing room we need to learn out of this. I think everyone can look up to Jonathan and the way he kept going, even when we were two nil down.

    One or two younger players made one or two mistakes and froze a little, which is natural. But every player can look up to Jonathan because he was fantastic.

    Interviewer: Simon Moore might blame himself for the second goal, but he made some good stops as well.
    UR: Simon had two or three great saves. Unfortunately they got that second goal. But when you work with young players you have to allow them to make some mistakes, as long as they learn quick. Iím sure he will.

    Interviewer: Does todayís result mean you will step up efforts to bring in a striker on loan before the end of the season?
    UR: I donít mean to be rude, but do you think we donít try to bring in somebody? We got caught big time last week to lose Gary Alexander. Of course we want to bring someone in.

    We have a lot to play for this season and there will be a replacement coming in over the next few days. Hopefully.

    Interviewer: There are a lot of rumours circulating about why Gary left.
    UR: What rumours? My statement and the clubís statement were both clear.

    Interviewer: I think about the way he was almost forced and put you in a difficult situation.
    UR: When you read all the statements, without saying anything, you know how this happened. I think Crawley didnít play their role. Thatís all I will say.

    Interviewer: Does the manner of it disappoint you?
    UR: I think we need to move on and I told the players that. If I say what I really feel about the situation it will make headlines and I donít want that. If you read the clubís statement and Garyís statement everybody knows what really happened. All I want to say about Crawley is they didnít play a good role in the whole thing.

    Interviewer: it must have affected your preparation.
    UR: Definitely.

    Interviewer: Clayton looked a little out of sorts again today. He keeps working hard, but itís not happening.
    UR: When I compare him to Saido I donít think Clayton looked out of sorts today.

    Interviewer: Do you know why Saido was out of sorts?
    UR: No, I didnít say that. I was just answering the question that in his [a journalistís] opinion Clayton was out of sorts. I disagree with that. I spoke about Clayton, not Saido and that is probably what you assume.

    Interviewer: Adam Forshaw picked up an injury?
    UR: he was very good and busy in the beginning. He twisted his back, got a spasm. It has got better but after 2-0 down I decided to remove him, especially as Marcus Bean is out for another couple of weeks.

    Interviewer: Myles Weston looked quite lively?
    UR: Yes, very good. I was happy for him. He has not played much lately. In the diamond, that was the first game we lost today. When you play the diamond you sacrifice your wingers. Sometimes I canít have too many wingers on the bench. I thought Niall McGinn had been slightly better lately, especially against Colchester and Yeovil.

    So this is why Myles has not played much lately. He came on and look lively and inspired.