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Thread: Player of the Season 2011/12

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    Player of the Season 2011/12

    Hope this is the right place for this thread.

    Jonathan Douglas for me.

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    Agreed-this question really makes you realise how many players havent shown up this season though!

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    Suppose voting for Alexander wouldn't go down too well.

    Not in the inner circle so can only give opinion not fact.

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    Douglas all the way for me . But not that much choice as most have been poor. Poss bidwell but I don't voting for loan players

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    Bit early for this innit? But JD obviously. Best player I've seen in a Brentford shirt for a few years (since Tabb or Hunt maybe). Can't think of any other candidates. Leon? Lee? GA?

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    JD definitely for me.

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    Legge, Saunders have good seasons

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    We do this on the GPG via match by match voting. See the relevant threads.

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